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5 Ways to Improve Team Communication and the Customer Experience

By Hayley Bell on 24 Jun 2020

The decorated apparel and merchandise business is highly detailed and involves a lot of moving parts, from ordering to fulfillment and beyond. Poor or unclear communication during any stage of these nuanced processes can lead to poor experiences for your customers and end consumers. 

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Building On-Brand Online Stores

By Gracie Belle Smith on 18 May 2020

You’ve just landed in a new city. As you wait on the curb, luggage in hand, your Uber arrives. The driver greets you by name with a warm smile and places your luggage in the trunk. As you slide into the back seat, the sleek leather seats catch your eye and the Hawaiian breeze air freshener fills the air. 

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3 Tips for Online Store Success

By Mykayla Goodwin on 28 Apr 2020

With US online sales projected to reach nearly $600 billion in 2024 and eCommerce penetration on the rise, dealers, distributors, and decorators are getting creative to capture their share of the pie. Offering online stores to customers as an additional service is an increasingly popular solution to capitalize on the growth of eCommerce.


Topics: Industry Expert Sales and Marketing Business Ideas