You’re needing some items from the store. List in hand, you get in your car, head to the local grocery store, and walk in determined to stick to your list -- nothing more, nothing less.

As you peruse the items, nicely sorted on the shelves, your mind starts to question if you actually need more than what is written on your paper. Do you pick up a sweet treat? Nah, you don’t need the calories. Oh! That cute sweater is on sale? Hmmm, maybe...ugh, none in your size. Ok. Done.

You’ve gotten all your items and stand in line to check out. As you wait, you see that particular treat you had your eye on previously. The cashier rings you up and you’re surprised that the total is less than what you expected! You immediately reach over and grab the sweet treat you’ve been craving.

Total increased, you pay and walk out of the store feeling satisfied.

That is how the recommended products feature works on OrderMyGear!


The Feature

The recommended products feature is a subsection of the customer cart that highlights products offered within the store.

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This popular feature uses an algorithm to display products that other individuals within the group are purchasing. The end-user loves it because they can see which items are most popular and it allows them to take a second look at trending products that they might have not considered previously. Clients love it because it is continuing to modernize and customize the end-user eCommerce experience while increasing their sales as they continue to serve customers with a variety of product offerings.


The Research

While researching new ways to improve the OrderMyGear platform for clients, we found that recommending products at checkout is an incredible method of boosting sales while providing customers with eCommerce best practices they are used to when online shopping. For example, a survey conducted by Slickdeals found that consumers spend $5,400 annually on impulse buys. A survey suggests that “excitement is a major factor when it comes to sudden purchases,” with “around half of all impulsive shoppers [being in] an excited state of mind.”

We’ve seen this to be something that allows customers to get the products they want and love, in addition to being a powerful sales driver for our customers. Since the recommended products feature release in December 2018, recommended products alone have produced over $3M in volume on the OrderMyGear platform. That’s over 100,000 purchased units, and absolutely 0 seconds of work for them.


The Next Steps

So what action steps are there for you to take to benefit from this OrderMyGear feature?


This OrderMyGear feature is an automatic function created to boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction. OrderMyGear does the legwork for you by automatically displaying recommended products as a customer heads to checkout. The products that are highlighted are automatically selected as the highest-performing products on your store, to truly help you benefit from the tribal mindset customers are in when they purchase on their group-specific store.


For further inquiries into this function, reach out to an OrderMyGear member today!



About OrderMyGear

OrderMyGear is an eCommerce platform delivering clients the ability to create unique online stores with personalized apparel and gear for corporations, teams, and schools. Our solutions give businesses the advantage of cutting-edge technology to efficiently sell customized merchandise online. Through our integrations and partnerships with all major sporting brands and apparel designers, along with our custom website builder, we simplify the collection, customization, and distribution of products to the end consumer. With over 11 years in the technology industry, more than 2,500 clients and nearly a billion dollars in processed in GMV, we consider ourselves to be the leading experts in customized group demand for eCommerce.

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Leslie Ayuko

Written by Leslie Ayuko