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Bridging Engineering and Design: Site Maps and Route Maps

By Christian Ayala on Feb 17, 2021

Building a robust website is no small task. Countless articles have been written about pieces of the end-to-end process: the initial stages of ideation and user research activities that define what could be built; the myriad of design-centric artifacts that define what will be built and how users will interact with it; and the engineering processes that define how it will come to life. When working in cross-discipline teams, it should all flow naturally from one team to another to a finished product.

That all sounds very “waterfall” doesn’t it?

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“Controlled Deployments” at OMG

By Christian Ayala on Jan 4, 2021

If you’re a developer, then you’ve probably heard the acronym “CI/CD”: Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment. When creating a new application we often start with the CI part by setting up some kind of an automated build pipeline. This pipeline can run all sorts of things, including: