Now you can effortlessly make your OrderMyGear store look and feel the way you want it to look and feel. Just upload a custom header image and choose your custom background color. It’s a cinch. We’ve clocked setup time at less than one-minute flat, start to finish.


Customizing the look of your store isn’t just great for branding. It’s great for sales. Our data has shown that stores with customized themes move 33% more volume than stores without*.  Log in to your store and create your customized theme today.

Watch the video below to see it in action!

Adding a theme to your store

1. Go to the Branding tab in your store and select a theme from the Theme dropdown.

  • Basic Dark - The top navigation in your store will be black and there will be a dark overlay on your store
  • Basic Light - The top navigation in your store will be white and there will be a light overlay on your store

screenshot1 (1)

 2. After selecting a theme, you can add a background color and a background image. We currently support png, jpg, or gif files. Depending on the size of your image, you may want to repeat on background. Select "vertical", "horizontal", or "both" if you'd like your background image repeated.


3. Next, you can upload an image to use as a banner on your store. This image will be placed on the top of your storefront. We do our best to format images for mobile devices, but you may find that editing the image yourself may yield better results.


4. Select a Light or Dark header. Choosing a Light header will make the area around the store name, logo, and deadline appear white. Choosing a Dark header will make this area black.

Product-Hover Color is the color you'll see when hovering your cursor over a product. Button Color will change the color of your store's buttons e.g. Add to Cart, Confirm Purchase, etc.


5. Save your changes at the top of the screen and click "Preview Store" to check out your Storefront Theme!


If you’d like to learn more about how OrderMyGear helps grow your business while reducing hassle, don’t hesitate to reach out!

*Of course we can't promise you'll move 33% more volume by adding a customized theme, but we can promise that your customer’s will love it.

Jared Shaffer

Written by Jared Shaffer