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Recommended Products: The Behind-the-Scenes Feature You May Not Be Watching

By Leslie Ayuko on 5 Nov 2019

You’re needing some items from the store. List in hand, you get in your car, head to the local grocery store, and walk in determined to stick to your list -- nothing more, nothing less.

As you peruse products nicely displayed on the shelves, your mind starts to question if you actually need more than what is written on your paper. Do you pick up a sweet treat? Nah, you don’t need the calories. Oh! That cute sweater is on sale? Hmmm, maybe...ugh, none in your size. Ok. Done.

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The Biggest Takeaway: My Inner Critic

By Leslie Ayuko on 10 Oct 2019

The PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference 2019 was full of female empowerment.

The three-day event was full of tips on how to manage everything from your company to your heart. The encouragement that seeped through every session, while remaining educational, made each woman walk away with more assurance and confidence in her knowledge and value to the promotional product industry. 

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How the 5 R’s Apply to Online Stores

By Leslie Ayuko on 20 Aug 2019

Working with PPD-specific accounts, I am often asked, “How can I make this online store successful for my client’s order?” It shows me that those in the Promotional Products industry really seek for success and want to do right by the clients they serve. Luckily, making an online store order successful for a client follows a similar pattern to the success of promotional product marketing that you may already be familiar with.

In 2016, PPAI Exclusive Research revealed the powerful impact that promotional products have in brand awareness, and how vital this kind of marketing approach is in today’s society. They measured these findings against the 5 R’s of promotional products as follows: