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Industry Insight: Focusing on Colleges and Universities

By Lauren Seip on 3 May 2021

Colleges and universities have always been a prominent and prestigious stage in the education system. Although in-person attendance was down last year due to the pandemic, research shows that roughly 19.7 million students attended colleges and universities in fall 2020. There are innumerable opportunities for distributors and decorators to serve these institutions with tech-savvy solutions that support campus culture and drum up revenue.

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OMG Ranked as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company in Texas

By Lauren Seip on 7 Apr 2021

OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading eCommerce platform for the Promotional Products and Team Sporting Goods industries, was recently ranked for the second consecutive year on Inc. 5000 Regionals list of the fastest-growing private companies in Texas. As a Dallas born-and-raised company, OrderMyGear is honored to be recognized for supporting the growth of the Texas economy and the employment of over 100 Dallasites.

“I’m always proud of Team OMG, but after what we accomplished in 2020, I realized this is the Team and company of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to be a part of the ride as we tackle this next phase of growth,” commented OrderMyGear CEO Dave Dutch.

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How to Take Your eCommerce Security to the Next Level

By Lauren Seip on 31 Mar 2021

Technology is available to bring more convenience to your everyday life. Whether you use it for accounting services or to simplify your operations, it’s prominent in almost every facet of business.

However, convenience comes with its own set of dangers.

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How to Avoid Missing out on Sales Opportunities

By Lauren Seip on 30 Mar 2021

I bet you’ve never walked into a grocery store, expecting to only buy one strawberry out of the carton, right? That’s why suppliers set a specific quantity. Minimum Order Quantities not only protect suppliers from losing money, but will help protect your profit margins too.

Minimum Order Quantities guards profit margins and prevents you from getting stuck with stale inventory (if you carry inventory). By specifying the number of units a consumer can purchase for a product, you can avoid dead inventory, as well as prevent your business from missing out on valuable sales opportunities.

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Step 1: The Benefits

By Lauren Seip on 1 Mar 2021

There are many questions that revolve around an online pop-up store. Why set one up versus a long-term store? What will the return on investment look like? How many products should I include? The list goes on and on. 

Research has predicted that by 2023, eCommerce will make up 22% of global retail sales, so now is the time to pivot and include this service in your customer offerings. But, as eCommerce continues to expand into every sector of business, it can be difficult to find all of the answers you need before jumping on the bandwagon. 

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OMG is Excited to Announce the Promotion of Matt Kaplan as President

By Lauren Seip on 25 Feb 2021

OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading eCommerce platform for the Promotional Products and Team Sporting Goods industries, announced Matt Kaplan "Kap" as the company's first President. As President, Kaplan will lead OMG's Global Sales organization, Account Management, Brand Partnerships, and Marketing. 

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Start Saving Valuable Time with Live Inventory Feeds

By Lauren Seip on 28 Jan 2021

Sending out marketing emails. 

Calling prospective customers. 

Zoom meetings all day.

Managing inventory levels. 

Your workday is packed full of tasks to do, and there are only 24 hours in a day to get it all done. What do you do if you are drowning in redundant tasks? 

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The Top 5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2021

By Lauren Seip on 29 Dec 2020

2020 has certainly been a year to remember. For some business owners, it has been a time for reflection and adapting business plans to accommodate clients’ shifting priorities. For others, it has been a tidal wave of challenges, and trying to stay afloat has been their only option. 

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