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Jared Shaffer

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2 min read

Feature Update: Increase Your Sales Volume Up to 33% with New DIY Storefront Themes

By Jared Shaffer on 14 Dec 2018

Now you can effortlessly make your OrderMyGear store look and feel the way you want it to look and feel. Just upload a custom header image and choose your custom background color. It’s a cinch. We’ve clocked setup time at less than one-minute flat, start to finish.

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3 min read

Feature Update: Shipping

By Jared Shaffer on 24 Jul 2018

We're jumping up and down in excitement at OrderMyGear because today, we launched a suite of new shipping features. Easily ship to your customer's doorstep with quick label creation and shipment tracking emails, all while staying profitable.

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2 min read

Feature Update: Work Orders

By Jared Shaffer on 23 May 2018

Online work orders are finally here! Save time and speed up your fulfillment process with our new Work Orders tool. 

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2 min read

Feature Update: Product Quantity Limits

By Jared Shaffer on 8 May 2018

We're excited to introduce you to our newest feature: Product Quantity Limits. You can now limit the available quantity of products for a single store or across multiple stores!

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2 min read

Feature Update: I Got 99 Problems But Taxes Ain't One

By Jared Shaffer on 11 Sep 2017

Today, we’re excited to launch better support for Canadian sales taxes.

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