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Work From Home Tool Kit: Part 2

By Hayley Bell on 30 Mar 2020

How does your workday look different compared to a few weeks ago? Whether it’s dogs barking during a call, sweats becoming your go-to work attire, creating new social media profiles to stay in touch, or being glued to your laptop more than ever before, work looks very different for a lot of us..

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores
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8 Unique Sectors to Service

By Hayley Bell on 23 Mar 2020

When was the last time you brainstormed new markets and how to sell to them? Whether it was just this morning or a couple years ago, now is the perfect time to revisit your selling strategy to expand your business and grow sales.

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores
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OMG'er Highlights: Success

By Hayley Bell on 18 Mar 2020

Known for their award-winning customer service and support, the OMG Success Team consists of individuals who support clients technically, but also in creating a game plan for targeting new business, strategizing for online store success, and reviewing individual and industry trends to empower decisions. While the OMG Success Team consists of over 35 employees and an entire floor of the OMG office, here’s an introduction to a couple OMG’ers.

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Work From Home Tool Kit: Part I

By Hayley Bell on 17 Mar 2020

What started as a busy season filled with sporting events, trade shows, school activities, and group outings has quickly turned into empty calendars full of cancellations. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is impacting day-to-day life for many. While this presents operational challenges and slowing sales, the slower pace is an opportunity to redirect your focus to the foundational elements of your business.

Here are a few simple things to do to keep yourself on track and prepare for a successful rest of the year.

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores
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OMG'er Highlights: Revenue

By Hayley Bell on 11 Mar 2020

If you've met OMG at a trade show, spoken to an OMG rep, or recently joined our Team, chances are high that you've spoken to an OMG'er on our Revenue Team. The OMG Revenue Team focuses on empowering distributors, dealers, and decorators to find answers and determine if OMG is the right fit for their business. For those that decide it is, the Revenue Team also takes the lead on assisting businesses in implementing their shiny new technology, training and onboarding employees who will use the platform, and familiarizing clients with online store best practices to set up for success.

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OMG'er Highlights: Engineering

By Hayley Bell on 6 Mar 2020

Every week in March, we will be highlighting some OMG'ers so you can get a feel for the people behind the magic! The OrderMyGear Engineering Team consists of some of the top talent in the software engineering field, occupying the entire third floor of the OMG Office. Meet a couple of the faces behind the magic that build the modern, reliable, and simple OrderMyGear platform...

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OMG Named Winner of B2B Customer Strategy Cloud Award

By Hayley Bell on 6 Feb 2020

OrderMyGear has been named the winner of the B2B Customer Strategy category in the international Cloud Computing Awards program, The Cloud Awards.

Topics: Awards and Recognition
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OrderMyGear Appoints Leonid Rozkin as Chief Financial Officer

By Hayley Bell on 29 Jan 2020

OrderMyGear, the industry-leading group eCommerce platform, today announced that Leonid Rozkin has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer.

Topics: Insider
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Looking Back At The PPAI Expo

By Hayley Bell on 24 Jan 2020

The PPAI Expo is a wrap! Occurring just two short weeks after the start of the new year, the Expo continues to serve as a motivational jumpstart to what will be a fresh and exciting new year in the world of promotional products. If you’re like OrderMyGear, you discovered new products, learned about industry trends, caught up with friends old and new, and had a blast.

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The Amazon Effect in the Branded Product Space: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Compete

By Hayley Bell on 22 Jan 2020

Where is your phone right now? Chances are, it’s within arm’s reach or you’re even using it to read this blog post. Over a decade ago, phones were used for just one thing: calling people. Now they are the epicenter of our lives and have literally changed the world.

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores
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A Word From Dutch: The Vision of 2020

By Hayley Bell on 16 Jan 2020

2020 will see continued acceleration for technology-fueled innovation and modernization for every industry, particularly the team dealer, decorator and promotional products industries.

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9 min read

The Top Promo Product Trends to Watch in 2020

By Hayley Bell on 2 Jan 2020

Vicki: There is a LOT going on in the world and the way we are living is changing as a result of some very big disruptions. Advances in technology – for example, are making everything faster and our lives a lot more complex.

Jessica: But, just like the Pantone color of the year, specific themes can be identified as trends and by being in front of them you can find the perfect concept to enhance your brand.

Topics: Industry Expert