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Looking Back At The PPAI Expo

By Hayley Bell on 24 Jan 2020

The PPAI Expo is a wrap! Occurring just two short weeks after the start of the new year, the Expo continues to serve as a motivational jumpstart to what will be a fresh and exciting new year in the world of promotional products. If you’re like OrderMyGear, you discovered new products, learned about industry trends, caught up with friends old and new, and had a blast.

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The Amazon Effect in the Branded Product Space: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Compete

By Hayley Bell on 22 Jan 2020

Where is your phone right now? Chances are, it’s within arm’s reach or you’re even using it to read this blog post. Over a decade ago, phones were used for just one thing: calling people. Now they are the epicenter of our lives and have literally changed the world.

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores
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A Word From Dutch: The Vision of 2020

By Hayley Bell on 16 Jan 2020

2020 will see continued acceleration for technology-fueled innovation and modernization for every industry, particularly the team dealer, decorator and promotional products industries.

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The Top Promo Product Trends to Watch in 2020

By Hayley Bell on 2 Jan 2020

Vicki: There is a LOT going on in the world and the way we are living is changing as a result of some very big disruptions. Advances in technology – for example, are making everything faster and our lives a lot more complex.

Jessica: But, just like the Pantone color of the year, specific themes can be identified as trends and by being in front of them you can find the perfect concept to enhance your brand.

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OrderMyGear is ready for The PPAI Expo in Vegas!

By Hayley Bell on 19 Dec 2019

Win big with OrderMyGear at The PPAI Expo!

OrderMyGear is excited to meet you in Vegas, and we’re bringing it big. Discover an eCommerce solution that builds client loyalty, provides competitive edge, reduces errors & headache, and increases order sales….

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Check out OMG at ASI Orlando!

By Hayley Bell on 3 Dec 2019

Great on the phone, even better in person. We'd love to meet you face-to-face at the ASI Orlando show!

Customers come to us when they are facing lost revenue and time on group orders. OrderMyGear online stores take away the mountain of detailed orders, missed-deadlines, confusing reports, and complicated store building that make group orders frustrating. This eCommerce solution provides a simple approach to online stores that allows you to be your clients' hero!

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OrderMyGear Promotes Matt Kaplan to Senior Vice President of Revenue

By Hayley Bell on 25 Nov 2019

OrderMyGear today announced that Matt Kaplan has been appointed to Senior Vice President of Revenue. In this newly created role, Kaplan will oversee the acquisition of new business, manage the success of the more than 2,500 OrderMyGear clients, continue to build relationships with industry partners, and implement operational efficiencies.

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OrderMyGear Unveils Live Inventory Feed from Top Brands

By Hayley Bell on 22 Nov 2019

OrderMyGear, the leading eCommerce platform in the team dealer and promotional products industries, today announced the launch of the industry’s most comprehensive Live Inventory feed built from partnerships with the biggest brands in the space.

Topics: Insider Feature Update
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Sports, Inc. and OrderMyGear Form Strategic Technology Partnership

By Hayley Bell on 14 Nov 2019

OrderMyGear, the leading group eCommerce platform, along with Sports, Inc., the most diverse and largest sporting goods buying group, together announced their official technology partnership. The investment Sports, Inc. is making into technology will allow team dealers to receive additional access to pre-released OrderMyGear product features and discounts on various services to provide a more robust eCommerce solution for team dealers.

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OrderMyGear has big news for the Sports, Inc. Show!

By Hayley Bell on 8 Nov 2019

You won’t have to gamble with OMG to win big!

OrderMyGear is psyched to see you in Vegas at the Fall Team Dealers Expo! This show has always been an awesome opportunity to meet with talented team dealers, but this year, OrderMyGear is bringing it big.

While I can’t divulge everything quite yet, here are a few things to watch out for…

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OrderMyGear Hires Mitch Hammer as its Director of Marketing

By Hayley Bell on 7 Nov 2019

OrderMyGear, the leading group eCommerce platform, today announced that Mitch Hammer has joined the Company as its Director of Marketing. Hammer will focus on Go-To-Market operations, driving demand, building brand equity and platform adoption for current clients. She will also place a large focus on marketing trends and industry partnerships to set OrderMyGear apart as a thought leader in the group eCommerce space.

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OrderMyGear Hires Jaclyn Unruh as its Head of People

By Hayley Bell on 24 Oct 2019

OrderMyGear, the leading eCommerce platform for the team dealer and promotional product industries, today announced that Jaclyn Unruh has joined the company as its Head of People. Unruh will continue to build a growth-oriented, customer-centered environment across the organization of over 120 employees.

Topics: Insider Awards and Recognition