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4 Ways to Boost Sales with Year-Round Holiday Opportunities

By Hayley Bell on 1 Dec 2020

Year-end holidays are important opportunities for sales... but don’t forget about the 11 other months that deserve a little love. Here are 4 strategies to celebrate (while boosting sales) all year long! 

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Discount Marketing: How to Engage Customers and Increase Your Sales

By Hayley Bell on 11 Nov 2020

Consumers love a good deal (don’t we all?). 

Discount marketing is an impactful way to encourage repeat business, generate new business, accelerate purchases, and increase sales. In fact, 99% of retailers are employing a discount-based pricing strategy. Numerous studies have shown the impact that discount marketing - like gift cards, coupon codes, bundled products, and mark-downs - has on a consumer’s shopping experience. 

Topics: Best Practices
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The Fundraiser Formula: A Tried-and-True Method for Maximizing Your Impact

By Hayley Bell on 2 Nov 2020

Fundraisers can be an impactful way to unite people around a cause and provide support when it's needed most. From shelter events to school fundraisers to community rallies, we’ve seen a lot of successful online store fundraisers. 

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How To Pitch Holiday Stores Your Customers Will Love

By Hayley Bell on 23 Sep 2020

The end of the year brings a level of excitement as people reflect on all of the new goals achieved during the year, anticipate what’s ahead, and celebrate the people around them. Why not help facilitate end-of-year celebrations for your accounts and customers by offering online holiday stores filled with specially-curated items?

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores Sales and Marketing
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OrderMyGear Named to 2020 Inc. 5000 for 5th Consecutive Year

By Hayley Bell on 21 Sep 2020

Inc. magazine released the 2020 results for the annual Inc 5000 fastest-growing private companies and OrderMyGear (OMG) made the list - for the fifth year in a row. The list makes up companies within the US economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names gained their first national exposure as honorees on the Inc. 5000.

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2020 Holiday Stores: Clear Sales Strategies For This Season

By Hayley Bell on 16 Sep 2020

The striking societal shifts we’ve seen over the course of the year has sparked a flurry of new  ideas, trends, and predictions that can be hard to unravel. 

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores Sales and Marketing
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OrderMyGear Welcomes Ben Truehart as Chief Strategy Officer

By Hayley Bell on 25 Aug 2020

OrderMyGear (OMG), the leading eCommerce platform for the Promotional Products and Team Dealer industry, today announced the addition of Ben Truehart as the Chief Strategy Officer. Truehart will be responsible for OMG’s growth strategies and steering the company towards its vision of becoming a billion-dollar software logo. 

Topics: Insider Awards and Recognition
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A Holistic Client Approach: Step-by-Step Guides to Go Beyond Online Stores

By Hayley Bell on 24 Aug 2020

You and I both know that in our industry, a mug isn’t just a mug, and a shirt isn’t just a shirt. It’s a connection between a brand and an individual. So why don’t we view online stores the same way?

It’s easy to think of online stores as just being another stand-alone solution. And that’s not wrong. But it’s also not right. From our perspective, the biggest factor preventing an online store from being as successful as it can be is when a distributor or decorator views the online store as just an online store.

So what happens when you include online stores as a single part of a larger initiative, as part of a more holistic approach? Here are some step-by-step guides you can use to stand out and offer a truly impactful experience for your customers rather than ‘just another online store.’

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7 Crucial Keys for the 2020 Sports Season

By Hayley Bell on 18 Aug 2020

The 2020 sports season looks wildly different than any other, and brings plenty of unanswered questions. What impact will the pandemic have on school sports? Will the season be delayed and for how long? How will the pandemic impact sports participation rates going forward? 

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores Industry Expert Business Ideas
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3 Online Store Essentials for Back to School Sales

By Hayley Bell on 11 Aug 2020

The start of the 2020-2021 school year is well underway across the nation, and with it comes unique challenges and situations we have never seen before. Building a strong sense of community across the school is important for students and families. Decorators, distributors, and dealers play an integral role in fostering school spirit.

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media

By Hayley Bell on 3 Aug 2020

Social media usage is at an all time high. In 2019 alone, 79% of the population in the United States - almost 247 million people - had a social networking profile, and experts expect that number to rise in 2020.

How are you using that to your advantage?

Topics: Optimizing Group Stores Industry Expert Sales and Marketing
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Community Tee Project: Part 3

By Hayley Bell on 1 Aug 2020

Businesses and communities across the country have experienced hardships this year. They’ve also come together to support one another in a time of need. 

Topics: Customer Spotlight Business Ideas
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15 Must-Read Articles for Distributors to Grow Sales

By Hayley Bell on 28 Jul 2020

The ability to think strategically and outside the box is more important now than ever. Luckily, the creativity of professionals in the promotional product industry well positions distributors and decorators to generate sales and grow, even during uncertain times. That is, if they take the right approach.

Topics: Industry Expert Sales and Marketing Business Ideas
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Feature Releases: Order Status and Fundraising Tracker

By Hayley Bell on 23 Jul 2020

With the advent of the smartphone, information is easily and instantly accessible, even on the go. We have access to more information than ever before. With a wealth of information only a few clicks away, end consumers increasingly expect insight into their purchases along every step of the process, and they appreciate the ability to answer their own questions. 

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10 Tips for Boosting Sales in Uncertain Times

By Hayley Bell on 20 Jul 2020

Adapting to the new normal is a concept we've likely all heard repeatedly throughout the first half of the year. And for good reason! The challenges businesses have faced over the last few months have sparked much-needed innovation and accelerated change across many industries and markets.