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Building On-Brand Online Stores

By Gracie Belle Smith on 18 May 2020

You’ve just landed in a new city. As you wait on the curb, luggage in hand, your Uber arrives. The driver greets you by name with a warm smile and places your luggage in the trunk. As you slide into the back seat, the sleek leather seats catch your eye and the Hawaiian breeze air freshener fills the air. 

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An Inside Look at the OMG Culture

By Gracie Belle Smith on 25 Mar 2020

See something, say something. This familiar national campaign encourages speaking up if you witness suspicious activity, but here at OrderMyGear, we use this phrase a little differently. We encourage our employees to speak up by using open communication to share their perspective and break workplace barriers by creating a culture-rich environment full of innovative, cutting edge and futuristic thinking individuals. OMG’s culture achieves this by encompassing these 7 characteristics…

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The Importance of a Company Wellness Month

By Gracie Belle Smith on 11 Nov 2019

When a company goes the extra mile to make their employees feel valued as a whole, it makes for a happier and healthier individual. In turn, healthier and happier individuals seek to contribute more and can overall elevate the work environment for others.

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