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A New Year

Now that 2014 is behind us, I wanted to take this time to formally thank our customers, partners, vendors, and employees of OrderMyGear. It has been an exceptional year for us filled with so many blessings. We are rapidly changing the sporting goods industry for the better and we owe so much to so many.

This past year has been a busy one. We’ve grown from 5 employees to 18 talented team members in only 9 months. We also added 18 “store builders” to our team, which contributed to over 20,000 stores launched in 2014. We will be moving into our largest office to date this month and with many new software releases and huge partnership announcements - we are perfectly positioned for a banner 2015.

To our customers…

It is OrderMyGear’s mission to serve you with best in class software to improve the way you process orders and payments with groups. I assure you that every new project and development initiative has you, our partner, in mind. We have watched your team business grow exponentially in 2014 and are proud to be your steadfast partner. We are thrilled about our new products and services slated for release in 2015 and know you will be too! I thank you for your continued support.

To our team…

It is you that makes this amazing company work. Your dedication, talent, and passion for what we are building inspires me. You continue to put our customers first and stay true to our mission. I am grateful. I am grateful to be with you on this journey.

To 2014…

You went quickly. You were full of so many changes for OrderMyGear, our team, and myself. However, with a big thank you… I happily welcome a new year. One that should be the brightest for OrderMyGear and everyone we touch.



Len Critcher

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