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Deliverable Requirements

Store Information

Complete the Store Request Form spreadsheet and email it along with all artwork to service@ordermygear.com to request a new store build from the OrderMyGear service team.

Please include all pricing and other store information in detail to ensure your store is built correctly to avoid change fees. For example, if you do not indicate taxes, fees, or shipping charges on the spreadsheet, they will not be applied to your store. If you have a large store, please DO NOT send multiple spreadsheets. Follow the instructions to expand the spreadsheet for additional line items. Don’t have Excel? Use Google Sheets for free.

The current version of the Store Request spreadsheet and information about store building services and fees can always be found by visiting https://app.ordermygear.com/service


Design Requirements
  • Acceptable file formats: PNG or JPG only Minimum size: 800px
  • Background color: transparent, white, or garment color
  • Transparent PNG images are required for all designs with transparent gradients, fades, distressing, or other complex alpha and for all embroidered logo sew-outs. Note: embroidered images must be in the correct colors; we do not swap colors on embroidery.
  • DO NOT SEND vector artwork
  • DO NOT SEND a photo of a logo UNLESS you wish to hire our design team to create a useable logo
  • DO NOT SEND image files embedded in an email, spreadsheet, Word doc, etc."

Artwork filenames MUST match the filenames listed in the Store Request Form spreadsheet in the “Logo File Name” column. If requesting artwork that we have on file from a previous sale, please indicate the original OMG sale code where the art was used.

Design Services

Upon request, we provide custom design services including creation of vector artwork from a raster (JPG or PNG) file, logo name/logo drops, and color swaps. Please indicate that you wish to utilize our design services by email when sending your Store Request Form. Our fee for custom design work is $30/hr.


Art Examples

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